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Numer testu :


True or false test

Proszę określić, czy zdania są prawdziwe, czy fałszywe, zaznaczając odpowiedni kwadrat „true” (prawdziwe) lub „false” (fałszywe).
Każda prawidłowa odpowiedz to 1 punkt, nieprawidłowa to -1 punkt, a brak odpowiedzi to 0 punktów.
1.Berlin is a small country.truefalse
2.There are seven letters in the word 'radio’.truefalse
3.The opposite of 'first’ is 'last’.truefalse
4.We eat breakfast in the evening.truefalse
5.A mouse is a big animal.truefalse
6.Knives and forks are made of metal.truefalse
7.People are happy when they sleep badly.truefalse
8.It’s necessary to pay when we buy something in a shop.truefalse
9.It’s easy to drive on a foggy day.truefalse
10.A horse is stronger than an elephant.truefalse
11.Diet and exercise are important if you want to be healthy.truefalse
12.We wouldn’t be in danger if this building were in flames.truefalse
13.People can change the laws of nature.truefalse
14.Kind people have a lot of enemies.truefalse
15.When you want to buy something, it’s good to compare different products before choosing one.truefalse
16.’Sidewalk’ and 'pavement’ both mean the same thing.truefalse
17.A flatmate is a person who works with us in the same corporation.truefalse
18.A commuter is a person who travels long distances to work every day.truefalse
19.Some people are superstitious about walking under a ladder.truefalse
20.’I would have got injured if I had been with them in the car’ means that I was injured in a car crash.truefalse
21.You can book a hotel room if there are no vacant rooms.truefalse
22.Your teeth will decay if you neglect to brush them.truefalse
23.Greedy people are seldom satisfied with what they get.truefalse
24.A person who remains unconscious after an accident shouldn’t be moved.truefalse
25.In some countries the law recognizes smacking a child as assault.truefalse
26.A child’s health is a common anxiety of a parent.truefalse
27.We get rough winds in a mild dimate.truefalse
28.The opposite of 'tough’ is 'tender’.truefalse
29.The stroke of lightning comes before the thunder.truefalse
30.Light bulbs often need replacement.truefalse

Multiple choice test

Proszę wybrać prawidłową odpowiedz.
Każda prawidłowa odpowiedz to 1 punkt, nieprawidłowa lub brak odpowiedzi to 0 punktów.
31.Am I… the window?openclosingclose
32.…you have a red box?DoesDoAre
33.… like your town?YouYou doDo you
34.Are there… students in the classroom?anysomea
35.I can …somebody in the corridorto hearhearinghear
36.A train is… than a car.heaviestheavierlighter
37.… you at school yesterday?WasAreWere
38.When… World War Two start? diddowas
39.I will cook soup if you… some meat and vegetables.will buybuybuying
40.I have… to New York twice.beenbedoing
41.If you …me a thousand pounds, I would be happy.offeredwould offerwill offer
42.She may …everything.sayingto saysay
43.You can’t buy many things if you have too… money.littlea littlefew
44.My parents were …the flat on Saturday evening.cleanedcleaningclean
45.Computers are… in most offices.usinguseused
46.It is worth making the… to learn a foreign language.trialattempttry
47.Some people often try to… their problems instead of solving them.drysinkdrown
48.He was really… after having cycled uphill for 30 minutes.exhaustedexhaustingtiring
49.’You mustn’t put it here’ He… me to put it there.advisedorderedforbade
50.The city officials want to reduce… by encouraging drivers to use the public transport.exhaust fumesacid rainsozone layer
51.He cancelled the reservation at… notice and had to pay the whole amount.postponedlateshort
52. Susan has been… from work for spoiling their customers’ satisfaction.dismissedleftsending
53.They were refused… to the club as they were under age.entranceexitadmission
54. It is high time Tom… something about his attitude towards other drivers.diddodone
55.We will start looking for a new flat to rent as soon as we… the old one.will have soldwill sellsell
56.According to the law, a person is assumed innocent until… guilty.provedprovenproof
57.Is 'acquire’ the synonym of…?gainexactretail
58.The company sells furniture designed to be… at home.assembledput upbuilt
59.A first-… kit is an essential piece of equipment in a vehicle.helpaidtreatment
60.They tried to stop their dog from… at the table.beggingwaggingbursting

Proszę wybrać prawidłową odpowiedz.
Każda prawidłowa odpowiedz to 1 punkt, nieprawidłowa to -1 punkt, a brak odpowiedzi to 0 punktów.
61.Tomorrow at 7 I ____________ with my son.will playwill have playedwill be playing
62.You ____________ smoke so much. It’s bad for your health.shouldn’tshouldn’t havemight
63.By the next year we ____________ 3000 words.will have learntwill be learningwill have learn
64.I hope people ____________ forever in 50 year’s time.livewill have livedwill live
65.The book ____________ you lent me was very interesting.whosewhichwhat
66.You should read it ____________ you sign it.beforeafterwardsbeforehand
67.I regret ____________ him a liar. It wasn’t his fault.to callto callingcalled
68.He is believed ____________ rich in the past.bebeingto have been
69.I wish I ____________ you earlier.had toldtoldhave told
70.I remember ____________ the door in the morning so don’t worry.have lockedlockinglock
71.If Mary ____________ married, she would have children.gothad gotwould got
72.I will do the shopping so that we ____________ eat dinner at home.cancouldwould
73.When we ____________ the film we went to bed.had watchedhave watchedwere watching
74.My mother asked my if I ____________ to eat sandwiches for breakfast.wantto wantwanted
75.If the weather had been fine, we ____________ for a walk.will gowentwould have gone
76.They will make you ____________ the car if you leave it here.moveto movemoving
77.He was forced ____________ in his room.staystayingto stay
78.We can’t afford ____________ on holiday every year.to have goneto gogo
79.I think the Internet is the most useful ____________ inventorinventinvention
80.Our teacher never talks to ____________ ourselveswe behimself